Fragments 2017

A conference on the mobile ecosystem in India


Framework for remote Configuration in apps with A/B support @Flipkart

Submitted by Anshulika (Customer Platform - EA) on Sunday, 30 July 2017

Section: Full Talk Technical level: Intermediate


Changing the behaviour of the app based on certain remote configuration. In companies like Flipkart plenty of A/B experiments being conducted at the same time. This talk gives an overview of the architecture for managing remote configurations for apps and other clients in Flipkart at scale. This also talks facilitates running A/B experiment on any variable present in document Config without app release.


Managing remote configs at scale.
Comparison with existing remote config solutions like Firebase.
Dive deep into apps architecture for updating configs with A/B variable and restoring when experiment expires.

Speaker bio

Senior Software developer at Flipkart. Android enthusiast.


  • Laura Stewart (@laurastewart) 3 months ago

    Hello! Thank you for submitting to Fragments. In order to evaluate your proposal, please submit your slide deck and a two minute self recorded preview video explaining your talk. Thank you!

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