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Labeeb Mattra


Workshop on Medical Imaging: Learn DICOM Standard with Examples

Submitted Feb 27, 2015

Learn the technology behind Medical imaging.
Learn DICOM data and network layers.
Use Open libraries to manipulate medical images.
Medical Image Compression
Know how to install a DICOM server, DICOM viewer etc.


Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine(DICOM) is the de facto standard for dealing with medical images. This workshop will get deep into DICOM data and network layers with examples to ease the learning curve normally associated with these standards.

We will be analyzing and manipualting CT, MRI, X-Ray images, Set up a radiology workflow solution using FOSS projects. This will include a Server to recieve radiology images, and a Dicom Viewer to view images. We will be looking into various compression formates and associated protocols.


Basic knowledge of Linux.
Basic knowledge of Python (optional).

Speaker bio

I have been a part of FOSS community for several years now. Involved in Wikipedia, Swathanthra Malayalam Computing, Diaspune (Diaspora Community of Pune) and Chamba Open Movie Project communities. Currenlty working as Technology Lead in Cloudex Radiology Solutions, a teleradiology solution service provider incubated in Startup Village, Kochi. I am currently writing Radiology related software solutions using Open Source technologies.


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