FOSSMeet 2015

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Akshay S Dinesh


Build a static website with Docpad

Submitted Feb 28, 2015

  • Learn how to build a static html website with docpad generator
  • Learn markdown
  • Learn deployment via github pages


Docpad is a actively developed static website generator (MIT License) with a lot of useful plugins, based on node. This session will focus on getting node and npm installed properly, installing docpad, recommended workflow for developing, useful front end editing tools, optimizing assets, etc


Computer with a full fledged GNU/Linux installation
High speed internet access (for downloading nodejs, docpad, and deploying via github)
If not internet is available, an existing installation of node at least

Speaker bio

I am a final year MBBS student at Mysore Medical College, a volunteer for Mozilla, Telegram Messenger, Indian Pirates, and de-facto any FOSS project I can contribute to. I believe in the power of Internet and am an Internet Rights (armchair) activist. I think everyone should be able to start publishing on the web on their own. Building taught me the important fundamentals of the web stack and I am sure anyone who builds a website will learn the same over time.


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