The Fifth Elephant round the year submissions for 2019

The Fifth Elephant round the year submissions for 2019

Submit a talk on data, data science, analytics, business intelligence, data engineering and ML engineering

Chaitanya Hegde


Building a data pipeline inside and outside a vehicle

Submitted Jul 9, 2019

Ather 450 is a smart electric vehicle with data intensive features on the vehicle as well as on the cloud/mobile app.
On the vehicle, the on-board software uses the vehicle data to make decisions regarding the vehicle behaviour and safety, while giving some user delight features like auto-indicator.
Via the cloud, user has a mobile app using which the vehicle can be monitored and their ride statistics can be accessed. Data on the cloud is also processed for alerts, doing a root-cause analyses in case of vehicle issues and building towards a preventive maintenance system.
This is an overview of the data pipeline from the vehicle to the cloud database which enables this to happen.


  • Intro to the Ather 450
  • Inside the 450
  • Inside the 450 - Features
  • Inside the 450 - Data Architecture
  • Inside the 450 - Learnings
  • Outside the 450 - Features
  • Outside the 450 - Data Pipeline Architecture
  • Outside the 450 - Challenges and Approach
  • Better Customer Service through data - Case Study
  • Final Thoughts



Speaker bio

Chaitanya Hegde, Product Manager - Software & Intelligence at Ather Energy. I work on building and improving software and smart features for the Ather 450 and future Ather platforms. When not working, I like to quiz, consume a lot of pop-culture and try to play the carnatic flute.



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