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Building a data pipeline inside and outside a vehicle

Submitted by Chaitanya Hegde (@chaitanyahegde) on Jul 9, 2019

Session type: Short talk of 20 mins Status: Submitted


Ather 450 is a smart electric vehicle with data intensive features on the vehicle as well as on the cloud/mobile app.
On the vehicle, the on-board software uses the vehicle data to make decisions regarding the vehicle behaviour and safety, while giving some user delight features like auto-indicator.
Via the cloud, user has a mobile app using which the vehicle can be monitored and their ride statistics can be accessed. Data on the cloud is also processed for alerts, doing a root-cause analyses in case of vehicle issues and building towards a preventive maintenance system.
This is an overview of the data pipeline from the vehicle to the cloud database which enables this to happen.


  • Intro to the Ather 450
  • Inside the 450
  • Inside the 450 - Features
  • Inside the 450 - Data Architecture
  • Inside the 450 - Learnings
  • Outside the 450 - Features
  • Outside the 450 - Data Pipeline Architecture
  • Outside the 450 - Challenges and Approach
  • Better Customer Service through data - Case Study
  • Final Thoughts



Speaker bio

Chaitanya Hegde, Product Manager - Software & Intelligence at Ather Energy. I work on building and improving software and smart features for the Ather 450 and future Ather platforms. When not working, I like to quiz, consume a lot of pop-culture and try to play the carnatic flute.



  • Abhishek Balaji (@booleanbalaji) a year ago

    Hi Chaitanya,

    Thanks for submitting this proposal. Here’s some feedback from the reviewers. Do incorporate this feedback in your proposal asap.

    • this talk has a very interesting premise. I am sure a lot of people will be interested to know the data being gathered from “smart” vehicles such as these.

    • “ather 450” being mentioned so many times gives a (bad) marketing feel to the entire presentation. that should be minimized.

    • can we get some more detail on the uptime/availability requirements for such a system. are the physical failsafes that will still work if any of the required “internet” services go down?

    • similar to the first point, most slides come off as either too much of marketing speak or simplistic. going into more detail in the “challenges and approach” situation would be better.

    • also your stance on the data ownership / privacy of the collected data will definitely come up in the Q&A

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