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Monojit Choudhury


Massively Multilingual Neural Language Models: The new hope and fear for low resource languages

Submitted Jun 11, 2021

Natural Language processing is undergoing a paradigm shift right now; the models today are ever more powerful, capable and accurate. Thus, it looks like we are close to achieving the holy grail of AI. However, these assertions are true only for a handful of the world’s languages which have enough language data to train powerful and large models. What about the rest of the languages?
In this talk, we will ask and attempt to answer the following questions around linguistic inclusion and diversity in the context of technology: Which languages are included in our current technologies, and which are left out? What is in store for the speakers of languages which do not reap the benefit of modern technology? And most importantly, how can we build technology that is more inclusive and a community that values the need for linguistic diversity and inclusion?


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