Practicing MLOps in your organization: tools, frameworks and governance


MLOps 2022 conference will bring together Machine Learning (ML), data engineering and SRE and AI practitioners to better understand the art of implementing MLOps in organizations.

MLOps is based on similar principles of DevOps, which talks about Continuous Delivery (CD) of ML models in production. We have seen significant traction for MLOps in recent years. Companies have been built around organizing and optimizing MLOps. We will focus on the tools, frameworks, data governance, decision-making process and approach based on real-world experience that have led to success and war stories.

The topics that we will focus in this conference include:

  1. How do you add value to your MLOps processes?
    • What are the key performance indicators?
    • How do you quantify the impact of MLOps in your organisation?
  2. What is the value addition to the business?
    • How do you measure the Return of Investment (RoI)?
    • What is the thriving work culture in your team/company?
  3. How to design cost-effective pipelines?
    • Are you investing in making the models leaner - distillation, quantization, pruning etc?
    • What is the comparison of your hardware and performance costs?
  4. What are the common mistakes made and lessons learnt in implementing MLOps?
    • How did you resolve and recover from the mistakes made?
    • Are you meeting SLA requirements and doing inference cost analysis?
  5. What are some of your favourite tools for implementing MLOps?
    • What are the key factors in deciding on a specific framework?
    • When do you choose to build your own tool?
  6. As an experienced MLOps practitioner, what advice do you provide?
    • What advice would you give for beginners who are starting on MLOps?
    • How do you scale your existing MLOps infrastructure?

In-person conference: MLOps 2022 will be held on Friday, 11 November, at Microsoft Reactor, Lavelle Road, Bangalore. This is an in-person conference. Register to participate for the conference.

Code of Conduct: Hasgeek’s Code of Conduct applies to the MLOps 2022 conference - participants, speakers and sponsors.

COVID protocols and masking policy: In keeping with COVID protocols, the following is applicable to all participants:

  1. Participants attending in person must keep their vaccination certificate handy. The venue will ask you to show your vaccination certificate as proof of being fully vaccinated.
  2. Wearing masks is optional.

Contact information: For queries about the conference, contact Hasgeek at or call (91)7676332020.

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    MLOps 2022 conference report

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    30 Nov 2022


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ML at scale: how Udaan built its ML platform

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38 minutes11 November 2022
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Panel: Building value to MLOps with data governance

Ashwin Kumar (Borneo), Balvinder Khurana (ThoughtWorks), Sathish KS (Zeotap), Srinivasa Rao Aravilli (Visa)

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Madhu Podila - Data strategist at ThoughtWorks

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Sharmili Srinivasan, Saurav Raj - ML engineers at PayPal

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Karnataka, IN


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