Making Data Science Work session 3

Applying software engineering principles to Machine Learning projects


  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Crew 27 days ago

    Rohit asks: For workflows that use jupyter notebooks (or any other type of notebooks), how do you write unit tests for it? And a more general question - how do you write unit tests for data science?

    • Venkata Pingali (@pingali) Crew 27 days ago

      Dmitry: Jupyter - is for exploration mostly. It is ok to have testing code right in the notebook in the exploration phase. If you reached the point of writing unit-test for ML code it can be a good sign to switch from exploration mode and Jupiter to writing code in text files.

      Ivan: Yep, agreed. But if you indeed want to test notebooks, it can be done probably with the nbconvert ( tool or papermill to parametrize and run them as a script.

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