Making Data Science Work session 3

Making Data Science Work session 3

Applying software engineering principles to Machine Learning projects

The now famous NeurIPS Technical Debt Paper from 2015 discussed how most of the code and effort in the production machine learning system is non-ML engineering and data management work. This session will discuss:

  1. Do software engineering principles apply to Machine Learning development and deployment?
  2. How is an ML system different from traditional application?
  3. How important is data versioning?
  4. What are the next logical steps in the development of the data science engineering tool chains?
  5. How will the data ecosystem evolve over the next few years?

1. Dmitry Pretrov, co-founder
2. Ivan Shcheklein, co-founder of

1. DVC
2. DVC Ambassador Program

Previous session: The previous session was held on 3 June May. Summary of the session is available on

About the curators: Venkata Pingali and Indrayudh Ghoshal of Scribble Data have curated this session. Scribble Data is a Bangalore/Toronto startup, active in the data community.

About the series producer: The Fifth Elephant is platform for practitioners working with data (engineering, to application of data science for different use cases) to showcase their work and to collaborate.

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Applying software engineering principles to data science projects

Dmitry Pretrov, Ivan Shcheklein in conversation with Venkata Pingali and Indrayudh Ghoshal

1 hour24 June 2020

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