Logistics conference

Logistics conference

First edition: covering fleet management and mobility

Dr Amit Garg


Impact of Routing, Mode Selection and Fleet Decision in Optimizing Supply Chain Logistics

Submitted Sep 19, 2018

A country’s economy depends on the amount of goods manufactured and efficiently delivered within the country and outside. Logistics holds a key role in the goods manufacturing as logistics is the link between suppliers, manufacturing company, distributors and retail stores. Today, competition is not only among companies but among efficient supply chains. Efficient supply chain logistics can certainly decrease routing and inventory cost but it also has ability to better handle disruptions and fluctuations.

Each company need to transport the manufactured goods from different locations to different distribution centre or retail stores. This talk will address different challenges faced by companies optimizing such network. There are different approaches to optimize such supply chain logistics network like hub and spoke, milk run and direct. Companies might use combination of their own fleet along with third party fleets. There are also implication of using full truck load vs less than truck load movement in such logistic optimization. This talk will address how these decisions can be strategically made to optimize logistics network along with making it more robust in handling disruptions.


  1. Supply Chain Logistics Optimization Overview
  2. Routing and Mode Selection Impact on Optimization
  3. Private Fleets vs Third party fleets
  4. Addressing Logistics Optimization Challenges including Disruption planning

Speaker bio

Dr Amit Garg, a Guinness World Record holder in Mathematics is Founder and Chief Scientist at ORMAE. He has decade of industry experience in Optimization/Analytics area in leading MNCs in USA like Amazon, Genesys, Penske & Progressive Insurance. He has wide experience in various industries like Supply Chain, Transportation, Automotive, e-Commerce, ITeS and Financial Industry. He has expertise in Optimization Techniques, Mathematical modelling (MIP, LP, IP),Heuristics and Meta-Heuristics approaches. He has applied them extensively in Optimizing Supply Chain Logistics and Transportation Industry. He has presented India in many global championships. He has also done math shows & given talks on Optimization globally at Conferences, Corporates and Universities.




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