Data Stewards, Trusts and Data Stewardship

Data Stewards, Trusts and Data Stewardship

An introduction to various data governance models

Digital and information infrastructures are the new business layers to interact with consumers as part of regulatory requirements.

  1. How do these systems work?
  2. How do businesses connect with these infrastructures to provide over-the-top services to citizens/consumers/users?
  3. How does the data governance of these systems functions?

The Fifth Elephant introduces a new stream of conversations on the application of tech principles to platforms and products. This project includes:

  1. Explainer sessions.
  2. AMAs with practitioners who work on platforms.
  3. Call for Presentations (CfP) to showcase application of data and privacy engineering practices in the industry and government.
  4. Fostering collaborations within the business and engineering communities to work towards mitigating the risks associated with information infrastructures.

Session on Data Stewardship: Data stewardship is the next big thing for equitable and just data governance. Data stewards enable the unlocking of the societal value of data while safeguarding the rights and control of individuals and communities whose data it is.
There are several models for stewards - trusts, collaboratives, personal data stores and account aggregators that offer different functions, protections and governance structures.
In this talk, speaker Astha Kapoor will describe the landscape, use cases, and models for data stewards, and explore outstanding questions on technology, legality, revenue models and accountability of these stewards.

Link to the slides for this talk is here:

Who should participate:

  1. Engineers and product managers who work on integrating consent frameworks in their products.
  2. Business professionals who want to understand risks of information infrastructures.
  3. InfoSec and security practitioners.
  4. Crypto practitioners and researchers.

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Participation: Zoom link will be shared with registered participants.
Participants who only wish to watch the livestream (via YouTube) can do so from this page.

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Data Stewards, Trusts and Data Stewardship

Data Stewards, Trusts and Data Stewardship

Astha Kapoor

1 hour11 June 2020

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