Data Governance Meetups

Show-and-tell meetings on engineering approaches for complying with privacy regulations

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Proposal submission closes on Oct 30, 2020, 11:59:00 PM

Proposal guidelines

Share your work by submitting a proposal/presentation. The presentation or idea has to be about the work you are doing to solve for data governance and compliance to privacy. If your work is still in progress, and you’d like feedback from your peers, share your work by adding a proposal.

Submissions are open for:

  1. Long talks: 40 mins
  2. Short talks/demos: 20 mins

This meetup series is interested in understanding:

  1. Approaches to solve for data acquisition, storage and re-engineering data storage infrastructure.
  2. Open source solutions developed.
  3. Why, rather than only how. Tell us why your developed this particular approach/solution, how you benchmarked and compared other options, and why building in-house tech stack was a viable option rather than buying existing solutions from the market.

You will be presenting your work before:

  1. Data security engineers - 5+ years’ experience
  2. Product managers
  3. Privacy engineers
  4. InfoSec professionals

For queries on submitting proposals, write to

Submit a session proposal

Proposal submission closes on 30 Oct, 2020, 11:59 PM

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Confirmed sessions

Data Governance 101

Rajat Venkatesh (@vrajatblr)

  • Thu, 25 Jun