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Experiential discussions on engineering for security, compliance and privacy

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Privacy regulations across the world, including India, have become stringent. Companies which fail to comply have to pay heavy penalties, and in some cases, risk losing the sanctions to run their businesses. Whether it is GDPR, CCPA or the impending Personal Data Protection (PDP) Bill in India, companies have to engineer solutions for three aspects:

  1. Data acquisition
  2. Data storage
  3. Re-engineering data infrastructure for privacy

Data governance meetups are peer-to-peer learning sessions where practitioners share implementation experiences and insights with participants. Participants are welcome to submit topics and presentation ideas here.

The first meeting was held on 4 July. Summary of the session is here: Video recordings are published on

August meeting details are updated on:

Participation in the meeting is via Zoom, for registered participants. Alternatively, you can watch the YouTube livestream on this page.

About curators: This meetup series is curated by The Fifth Elephant alumnus, Rajat Venkatesh, with active involvement of Devangana Khokhar and Shadab Siddiqui.

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