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Show-and-tell meetings on engineering approaches for complying with privacy regulations

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Privacy regulations across the world, including India, have become stringent. Companies which fail to comply have to pay heavy penalties, and in some cases, risk losing the sanctions to run their businesses. Whether it is GDPR, CCPA or the impending Personal Data Protection (PDP) Bill in India, companies have to engineer solutions for three aspects:

  1. Data acquisition
  2. Data storage
  3. Re-engineering data infrastructure for privacy

Sectors which are most hit by privacy regulations, including India, are: fintech, banking, health-tech, healthcare and social media platforms. Here, compliance and liabilities will be far more here.

Meetup on 4 July: The schedule for the meetup on 4 July is updated here:
Participation in the meetup is via Zoom, for registered participants. Alternatively, you can watch the YouTube livestream on this page.

About the curator: This meetup series is curated by The Fifth Elephant alumnus, Rajat Venkatesh. Rajat is developing solutions for data governance, and is interested in discovering peers, leading to a forum for/of engineers working on data governance.

This set of meetups is for engineers - who are working on data governance solutions and approaches - to showcase their work and get feedback from their peers on the soundness, merit and challenges of the approaches. See Call for Presentations (CfP) to share your work.

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