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Sandeep Joshi


Unraveling the Identity Puzzle: Disambiguating Users across Social Media and Email Platforms

Submitted Jun 15, 2023

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Needl is an AI-assisted information hub that unifies data from diverse sources into one centralized platform, which then allows for a variety of AI-assisted downstream workflows and collaboration across teams. Needl allows you to ingest, organize and search your communications across multiple platforms like gmail, outlook, telegram, etc. Needl users come from all domains - they can be financial analysts, legal experts or just general users.

In this talk, we will discuss the problem to figuring out if a Needl user is communicating with the same person across different social media or email platforms. This is a difficult problem because a user can create multiple handles/accounts with radically different names on various platforms. We developed a solution which looks at account details, the frequency of correspondence as well as the clusters of communication. The solution protects the privacy of Needl users while incorporating user feedback into the disambiguation process.

The system has been operational for about 2 years. For some users, we obtained an F1-score of 0.78 on their medium and high priority contacts. In other cases, we found that the solution had to be improved if multiple contacts of a Needl user had the same name (e.g. Anil) or if the name assigned by the Needl user to a given contact was different from their handle (e.g. email address). We will present more details during the talk.

This is a joint talk by Sandeep Joshi and Vikram Srinivasan.

Sandeep Joshi currently does Engineering at This talk describes work done while working at Needl.

Vikram Srinivasan is the CEO and co-founder of ( He is also an adjunct professor at IISc Bangalore, where he teaches community detection algorithms among other things.


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