The Fifth Elephant 2018

The Fifth Elephant 2018

The seventh edition of India's best data conference

The right to privacy versus the people's right to know: challenges and the way forward

Sushant Sinha, Indian Kanoon

1 hour 3 August 2018

Sponsored talk: Market propensity modelling using XStream: unified self-service analytics ETL and ML platform

Puneet Kumar Ojha, Exadatum

41 minutes 1 August 2018

So you think you know about linear regression ...

Chris Stucchio, Simpl

49 minutes30 July 2018

Building a next generation speech and NLU engine: in pursuit of multi-modal experience for Bixby

Vikram Vij, Samsung

40 minutes30 July 2018

Design for data

Paul Meinshausen, Montane Ventures

40 minutes31 July 2018

Qubole Sparklens: understanding the scalability limits of Spark applications

Rohit Karlupia, Qubole

39 minutes31 July 2018

The battle for privacy: right to be forgotten in India

Jyoti Panday, independent researcher

47 minutes 1 August 2018

Keynote: The power of intuition in data science, and why it will always have a role.

Avi Patchava, InMobi

46 minutes30 July 2018

Michelangelo: Uber's machine learning platform

Achal Shah, Uber

45 minutes30 July 2018

Data science for business: adopting analytics without paralysis

Ajay Kelkar, Hansa Analytics

36 minutes30 July 2018

Atlas: GO-JEK’s real-time geospatial visualization platform

Ravi Suhag, GO-JEK

34 minutes30 July 2018

Incremental transform of transactional data models to analytical data models in near real time

Govind Pandey, Flipkart

35 minutes31 July 2018

Scaling write-heavy OLTP systems with strong data guarantees: learning from Flipkart’s user facing order capture systems

Gokulvanan V Velan, Flipkart

49 minutes31 July 2018

Seeing through the eyes of a self-driving car: visualizing autonomous vehicle data on the web

Xiaoji Chen, Uber

27 minutes31 July 2018

Deep portfolio: using neural networks for portfolio construction

Anant Gupta, Morgan Stanley

35 minutes 1 August 2018

Operating data pipeline using Airflow @ Slack

Ananth Durai, Slack

40 minutes31 July 2018

Serviceability under high demand

Venkateshan K, Swiggy

40 minutes31 July 2018

Compromising a $6B big data project through poor data quality: the Aadhaar case study

Anand Venkatanarayanan

40 minutes31 July 2018

Weaponizing data for politics

Shivam Shankar Singh, political consultant

30 minutes31 July 2018

A study in classification

Ramanan Balakrishnan

30 minutes30 July 2018

Building analytics application with streaming expressions in Apache Solr

Amrit Sarkar

35 minutes31 July 2018

Our experiments with food recommendations @Swiggy

Nitin Hardeniya, Swiggy

27 minutes30 July 2018

Using structural estimation methods from economics to model user behaviour in bike-sharing systems

Ashish Kabra, University of Maryland

49 minutes31 July 2018

Needle in a haystack: entity search on text and graph

Uma Sawant

44 minutes31 July 2018
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NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bengaluru

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