The Fifth Elephant 2017

On data engineering and application of ML in diverse domains

Tarun Gupta


Designing Cost Effective Cloud Native Applications

Submitted Apr 30, 2017

Designing applications for cloud environment requires thinking design in a different paradigm. In this talk, I will be discussing design principles, taking examples of applications that we have developed at Zapr Media Labs. How to make applications Idempotent, Immutable, Stateless, Resilient and Elastic will be the core of the talk. I will also discuss, how this design helps us save costs by leveraging AWS spot fleet as a processing engine and AWS S3 as a data store.

All organisations, especially startups, who primarily use cloud environment should look to attend to understand how to make the best use of their infrastructure.


Talk will be structured in the following format
1) I will discuss each principle with some examples of how we encapsulated that principle in our applications and what benefits have we reaped out of it
2) I will also discuss, how AWS Spots and S3 helps in optimising costs once we follow these principles

Speaker bio

Technical Lead at Zapr Media Labs. Leading infrastructure team at Zapr to build scalable infrastructure that helps profiles millions of users and bridge between TV to Mobile advertisment campaigns. Before this Worked at Qualcomm as Engineer with Linux USB team working on development of USB function drivers, USB controller drivers, Linux USB Host and Device Stack for Snapdragon based chip-sets.




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