The Fifth Elephant 2016

India's most renowned data science conference

Taking Fashion and Lifestyle Commerce Towards SKUs Using Deep Image and Text Parsing

Vijay Gabale, Infilect

45 minutes29 July 2016

Model Visualisation

Amit Kapoor, NarrativeViz

43 minutes31 July 2016

Introduction to The Fifth Elephant 2016

10 minutes31 July 2016

Using Data to Identify the Genomic Cause of Disease

Ramesh Hariharan, Strand Life Sciences

1 hour31 July 2016

Increasing Trust and Efficiency of Data Science using dataset versioning

Venkata Pingali, Scribble Data

18 minutes29 July 2016

Allocation and Forecasting in Guaranteed Delivery of Advertisements

Aditya Ramana Rachakonda, Flipkart

1 hour29 July 2016

Keynote: The Alternative Data revolution on Wall St

Gene Ekster, Analyst and Investment Consultant

1 hour31 July 2016

ML in fin-tech - Transforming 60 crore Indian lives

Riddhi Mittal, Finomena

49 minutes31 July 2016

Logging at scale using Graylog - Billion+ messages, 100K req/sec

Rohit Gupta

21 minutes31 July 2016

Keynote: Reasoning – The Next Frontier in Data Science

Shailesh Kumar, ThirdLeap

1 hour31 July 2016

Data-Driven Decision Making in Indian Agriculture: the Present and the Future

Udit Poddar, SocialCops

19 minutes31 July 2016

Scaling the Largest Functional DataSet @Flipkart aka Catalog

Anuj Mittal, Flipkart

40 minutes29 July 2016

RightFit- A Data Science Approach to Reduce Product Returns in Fashion e-Commerce

Ashish Kulkarni, JabongLabs

21 minutes29 July 2016

Purpose, Speed & Visibility : Facilitating product discovery & engagement on a e-commerce website

Ekta Grover, BloomReach Inc

45 minutes29 July 2016

Let your Big Data Processing take flight with Apache Falcon

Pallavi Rao, InMobi

29 minutes31 July 2016

Machine Learning the Walmart Way with a Deep Dive into Automated Forecasting System

Anindya Sankar Dey, @WalmartLabs

23 minutes31 July 2016

Reducing the world with JavaScript

Aruna S, Mapbox

29 minutes31 July 2016

Taking Analytics Applications from Labs to the Real World: Transfer Learning in Practice

Shourya Roy, Xerox Research

49 minutes29 July 2016

Timely Dataflow

Bharani S., ThoughtWorks

21 minutes31 July 2016

Scalable Realtime Analytics using Druid

Nishant Bangarwa, HortonWorks

46 minutes31 July 2016

What do machine learning and high performance computing have to do with big cats in the wild?

Dr. Arjun Gopalaswamy, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore

1 hour31 July 2016

Deciphering Driving Behaviour using Geospatial Temporal Data Collected from Smartphone Sensors

Aditya Karnik, Zendrive

39 minutes31 July 2016

Hierarchical Structure, Hierarchical Bayes approach and implementation of MCMC

Soumen Dey, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore

41 minutes31 July 2016

Dr. Elephant - Self-Serve Performance Tuning for Hadoop and Spark

Akshay Rai, LinkedIn

27 minutes31 July 2016

Hadoop & Cloud Storage: Object Store Integration in Production

Rajesh Balamohan, HortonWorks

23 minutes31 July 2016

Looking under the hood - demystifying data tools

Simrat Hanspal, Mad Street Den

18 minutes31 July 2016

Convolutional Neural Networks from the Other Side

Sumod Mohan, SolitonTech

48 minutes31 July 2016

Meet the needs of content marketing with the power of NLP

Balaji Vasan, Adobe Research Big Data Experience Labs

47 minutes31 July 2016

Continuous online learning for classification tasks

Saurabh Arora, Freshdesk

33 minutes31 July 2016
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