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Deciphering Driving Behaviour using Geospatial Temporal Data Collected from Smartphone Sensors


Aditya Karnik


Our vision at Zendrive Technologies is ‘Safer Drivers, Safer Roads’. To that end, we collect data from a variety of sensors available on smartphones, and combining techniques from signal processing, statistical modeling and geographical information systems (GIS) we detect events pertaining to driving and characterize one’s driving style.


In this talk, I will present ‘What, Why and How’ of this technology that we believe will bring smartphone-powered road safety to cities, fleets, and individuals.

Speaker bio

Aditya Karnik is a data scientist at Zendrive Technologies, Bangalore. Before coming to Zendrive he had stints at General Electric and General Motors Research labs. He holds PhD in ECE from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. His research interests are in whatever it takes to solve important, mostly applied, problems.