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Geeyavudeen Musthafa

@geeyamusthafa Proposing

Sentiment analysis to evaluate the performance of Fund Managers

Submitted Apr 30, 2016

Global Assets under Management (AUM) is estimated to be 64 Trillion USD across the globe. Investment Managers are the key players in this business who make investment decisions on behalf of investors. What are the tools the financial services companies have to evaluate the performance of these managers? There are tremendous amount of data available for the underlying financial instrument, be it market data ratings, research, notes, market news etc., It would be great investment to use these data, perform sentiment analysis and identify the sentiment patterms to match with the investment decisions made by the Managers.


Crisp talk
Introduction to Fund Management
Different types of Market data
- Structured data by market data providers
- Web crawling of market news on industry/asset class/security
Sentiment analysis on the available data
Data visualization of fund holdings & sentiment interweaving

Speaker bio

Geeyavudeen Musthafa is a technology professional with almost 12 years of experience on enterprise application development projects. He has worked with many leading financial services clients in US on various functions such as Advanced benefits, Defined benefits, Asset Management and Hedge Fund Administration.

He has tremendous experience working as Full stack Application developer and architect and his primary skills are on Java/JEE based technologies. He’s exploring the big data tools recently and also pursuing the Big Data specialization from University of California, San Deigo through Coursera.


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