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Prajit Datta


Predicting Corporate Bankruptcy by mining financial reports and regular transactional trends combining with Investor sentiment analysis

Submitted Apr 30, 2016

Bankruptcy is one of the major concern for any type of market. If any company fall and loses money it’s a damage to a part of economic environment. Prediction of Bankruptcy has become important with time as it helps in mitigating risk by the organization as well as the current standing government. This short talk will walk you through how Machine Learning is changing the world of finance especially in mitigating the risk and damage from any potential financial crisis in future.


Financial data has got lot of characteristics, parameters and trends. It’s about the different type of machine learning algorithm applied on a particular type of data product to get the results. All the results will be uniquely given a weightage get the best analysis with high accuracy.


Its not a workshop. I will prefer to give a short talk with the presentation and a demo video of analysis.

Speaker bio

Prajit Datta is a Vellore Institute of Technology Graduate and also a Special Achiever Awardee. He is currently working in data science team called as Enterprise Information Exchange in Bank of America and has also presented paper on artificial intelligence as well as cloud gaming. With an experience in both data science and software engineering in financial domain, he is comfortable working with data on the research and analytics level, as well as leveraging that data to build impactful products.
His interests are natural language processing, and data mining and is also eager to learn and apply his unique skillset to new, interesting, and challenging problems. When not working at his office he’s thinking of dashing out to EDM concerts and rock music concerts and also a non-fiction bibliophile. His first career aspirations are always to create a meaningful product that improves people’s lives.


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