The Fifth Elephant 2014

A conference on big data and analytics

In 2014, infrastructure components such as Hadoop, Berkeley Data Stack and other commercial tools have stabilized and are thriving. The challenges have moved higher up the stack from data collection and storage to data analysis and its presentation to users. The focus for this year’s conference on analytics – the infrastructure that powers analytics and how analytics is done.

Talks will cover various forms of analytics including real-time and opportunity analytics, and technologies and models used for analyzing data.

Proposals will be reviewed using 5 criteria:
Domain diversity – proposals will be selected from different domains – medical, insurance, banking, online transactions, retail. If there is more than one proposal from a domain, the one which meets the editorial criteria will be chosen.
Novelty – what has been done beyond the obvious.
Insights – what insights does the proposal share with the audience that they did not know earlier.
Practical versus theoretical – we are looking for applied knowledge. If the proposal covers material that can be looked up online, it will not be considered.
Conceptual versus tools-centric – tell us why, not how. Tell the audience what was the philosophy underlying your use of an application, not how an application was used.
Presentation skills – proposer’s presentation skills will be reviewed carefully and assistance provided to ensure that the material is communicated in the most precise and effective manner to the audience.



For queries about proposals / submissions, write to


  1. Data Collection and Transport – for e.g, Opendatatoolkit, Scribe, Kafka, RabbitMQ, etc.

  2. Data Storage, Caching and Management – Distributed storage (such as Gluster, HDFS) or hardware-specific (such as SSD or memory) or databases (Postgresql, MySQL, Infobright) or caching/storage (Memcache, Cassandra, Redis, etc).

  3. Data Processing, Querying and Analysis – Oozie, Azkaban, scikit-learn, Mahout, Impala, Hive, Tez, etc.

  4. Real-time analytics

  5. Opportunity analytics

  6. Big data and security

  7. Big data and internet of things

  8. Data Usage and BI (Business Intelligence) in different sectors.

Please note: the technology stacks mentioned above indicate latest technologies that will be of interest to the community. Talks should not be on the technologies per se, but how these have been used and implemented in various sectors, enterprises and contexts.

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The Fifth Elephant - known as one of the best data science and Machine Learning conference in Asia - has transitioned into a year-round forum for conversations about data and ML engineering; data science in production; data security and privacy practices. more


@rhebbar Proposing

Latest trends in Market Mix Modeling & a unique way of making measurement & optimization more effective

Submitted Jun 10, 2014

Learn a new way of doing MMX modeling and challenge the traditional way of doing it in your organizations. Apply the same principles to all your other analytics problems.


Convergytics MarketMix Allocation Solution
The Marketing landscape is moving rapidly, impacting measurement methods and hence introducing estimation challenges
– There is device proliferation(consumer devices) and rapid technological diffusion spreading throughout society which translates into an increase in media channels and orchestration required
– “Democratization” of media has given everyone the ability to be a one-person publishing house and communicate with the entire planet
– Pressure to measure incremental effects on more channels, at lower granularity and at an accelerated pace in a noisy data set
– Nonlinear effects due to Viral and network behavior in the landscape

In this dynamic environment, it becomes imperative for the marketers to have a measurement and course correction process in order to realize maximum returns for marketing investments. Convergytics focuses on creating marketing spends allocation models that are tied closer to business reality. We bring in an ideal combination of mathematical expertise with domain knowledge to leverage learnings from data.


A keen interest in Marketing and Spend Optimization, a basic knowledge of how MMX is done traditionally, a curiosity and a willingness to engage and ask questions

Speaker bio

Sanjeev is the co-founder and CEO of the company. He has been involved in building the analytics capabilities and garnering new accounts. His diverse understanding of analytical methods as well as his strong business sensibility helps clients consume analytical solutions. His role in Convergytics involves interacting with clients to understand the business requirements and translate them to analytical problem. He has also been instrumental in initiating Marketing management/ planning model and then converting the solution into a web based simulator to enable the consumption of marketing mix models. The tool is an integral part of the Media planning process for some of the leading CPG players. In his life prior to Convergytics, Sanjeev has been the founder member of the team that conceptualized and initiated the analytical services BU with in TNS. His work involved creating solutions, services and analytical products for the BU.

His accomplishments include:
• Best Green Belt project of the year in GECIS
• Most innovative product idea in TNS
• Maintaining and Growing new accounts (from 5 to 50 in an year’s time)
• Creating innovative frameworks for solving complex business problems



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The Fifth Elephant - known as one of the best data science and Machine Learning conference in Asia - has transitioned into a year-round forum for conversations about data and ML engineering; data science in production; data security and privacy practices. more