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Extending Vega - A visualisation grammar to create interactive visualisations

Submitted May 3, 2014

I want to present the work I am doing in extending a visualization grammar Vega (


Vega lets users specify d3 visualizations just by specifying a json object (no programming required otherwise).

One of the major extensions of Vega is to create interactive visualizations. Crossfilter ( is a library which lets you connect multivariate datasets. So I was curious if we could extend Vega by including Crossfilter in the Vega’s codebase.

So you should be able to create an interactive visualization just by specifying a json object.

The talk will present the thought process and steps taken to achieve this.


Some knowledge of d3.js and crossfilter will be helpful in understanding.

Speaker bio

I am a computer programmer by background. These days I am very interested in technologies which help us make sense of big data e.g. data visualizations, natural language tools etc.

Before this I have worked in couple of interenet startups.


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