The Fifth Elephant 2013

An Event on Big Data and Cloud Computing

Rajan Chandi


Why we went 100% NoSQL with Mongodb?

Submitted May 8, 2013

Highlighting key differences between application design using relational and NoSQL databases. What are the ways in which NoSQL can save development times and getting the product out faster, while maintaining high performance and future scalability at launch.


We were hard-core MySQL developers and built previous products (each with thousands of monthly uniques) for a couple years. In our recently launched product -, we completely ditched MySQL and went on 100% NoSQL using Mongodb. We ended up saving a ton of time and could launch the first version of product in 2 months’ time.

Various design decisions that went into building our product that saved us development time and offered high performance. Mongodb also enabled us to keep our application design simple.

We would like to share our story on building a 100% NoSQL product with thousands of monthly active users.


Basic understanding of databases and web/mobile applications.

Speaker bio

Rajan Chandi has built many products and launched with thousands of monthly active users, namely Hireplug, and

First version of was built within 2 months using PHP and Mongodb. After the soft launch, it has gained thousands of monthly active users. We believe is one of it’s kind 100% NoSQL Mongodb applications built out of India.



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