The Fifth Elephant 2013

An Event on Big Data and Cloud Computing

Andreas Kollegger


Neo4j Graph Workshop

Submitted May 10, 2013

Establish the technical foundation for working with the Neo4j graph database. From install, to fundamental data modeling to querying.


This hand-on session will be a crash course in using the Neo4j graph database. Assuming nothing, we’ll learn about working with Neo4j through a progressive series of exercises.

We will use Neo4j’s query language, Cypher, to:

  • create a simple graph
  • import a larger sample graph
  • run basic queries to get known data
  • discover new data with graph patterns

You will leave with a foundation of how to begin working with Neo4j, ready to explore more with language-specific drivers.


For the best experience:

  • Bring a laptop
  • Get a head start by installing Neo4j
  • Have a good text editor on hand

Speaker bio

With NASA, for the love of technology. Then Zambia, using technology for social good. Now with Neo4j, making the world a better place from a graph perspective.

Andreas has been part of the Neo4j community since having his own graph epiphany while working on medical informatics in Zambia. He joined as an early member of core engineering, and has now taken on the role of Product Experience Designer, responsible for maturing that fantastic codebase into an industrial strength product.


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