The Fifth Elephant 2013

An Event on Big Data and Cloud Computing

Ramesh Kumar M


Demystifying Big Data from Domain Name industry

Submitted May 15, 2013

This session will provide a comprehensive overview of worldwide Domain name registry & Domain name resolution data ,sources and tools.By attending this - Data enthusiasts will learn to look at Domain Name industry data from multiple perspectives , interpret key parameters , visualize/correlate , compare with their own datasets and gain valuable insights and trends for their respective fields.


Domain Names represent the online presence of various kinds of entities - companies, people, businesses, communities ..etc. In fact there are more than 252 Million Domain Names across all Top Level Domains .This presentation will provide a broad overview of all aspects of Big Data within the Domain Name Industry .Data points and trends from the perspectives of Domain Name Resolution as well as Domain Name Registration will be presented through relevant examples visually . A variety of publicly available tools like DomainView (top tags in recently registered domain names), DomainScore (top trafficked unregistered domain names) , Domain Countdown (top expired and soon to be available domain names) and DNSSEC scoreboard will be introduced and patterns highlighted to help the audience understand intricacies of Domain Name related data. Further data from registry operator reports ,registry transactions report, Zone file data will be visualized and presented in interesting ways that would help data engineers, analysts, architects become aware of relevant data sources and key insights that can be derived from them.

Speaker bio

Ramesh Kumar Manickam is a Senior manager at Verisign and has over 15 years of industry experience engineering Internet profiling, Mobile , Telecom, VoIP Products,Prototypes and Value added Services.He has done regular presentations and tech talks in events like Mobile Developer Summit and Verisign Technical symposium.


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