The Fifth Elephant 2013

An Event on Big Data and Cloud Computing

Peter Milne


Big Data Enlightenment

Submitted May 14, 2013

To de-mystify the nomenclature of Big Data and NoSQL


The nomenclature of NoSQL and Big Data is manipulated by a tyranny of technologists to achieve selfish goals. Simple concepts are hidden by jargon, acronyms, and newly minted marketing terms.

This presentation is going to apply the guillotine to the despots who use language to obfuscate and control. The concepts of NoSQL and Big Data will be re-explained using simple analogies to the natural world. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a beginner, you will emerge from this talk with a feeling of calm and enlightenment. We will give you the tools you need to explain basic NoSQL and Big Data concepts to anyone -- spouses, children, CEOs, grandparents, business partners – without ever having to use words like “map reduce”, “throughput”, “cluster” or “key value store”.

Let the revolution begin!

Speaker bio

Peter is a Senior Solutions Architect at Aerospike. Prior to Aerospike, Peter was co-founder and chief technology officer at ITerative Consulting, a consulting company providing software modernization to clients worldwide. While at ITerative, Peter was also the Technical Director of the a project to develop a consumer lending application at St. George Bank, a medium size national bank in Australia. Prior to ITerative, Peter ran the consulting and education divisions of Forte Software (Australia), a provider of enterprise software development, deployment and management tools. Prior to Forte Software, Peter was a principal consultant with Digital Equipment Corporation, specializing in distributed computing. Peter began his career with Wang Labs (Australia) as a hardware engineer in the Asia Pacific region. He eventually became a software engineer at Wang R&D in Lowell, Mass where he helped to develop one of the first commercial email systems.

Peter received a M.Sc. in Computing from the University of Technology, Sydney, and has a number of postgraduate academic and commercial qualifications, including an international commercial pilots license for helicopters (ICAO CPL). Peter has flown commercially and for recreation in 8 countries.


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