The Fifth Elephant 2013

An Event on Big Data and Cloud Computing

Sushrut Bidwai


Data and Sales

Submitted May 27, 2013

Petabytes of data is available in public domain and more is created everyday.

How to use this data to identify sales signals and drive a leaner and more effective sales process.


If you are a salesperson who want to drive growth and yet reduce cost of doing sales/accounts, then this will be a good talk for you to attend.

Linkedin, angellist, twitter, facebook and similar tools publish millions of updates. How effective it will be create a sales process which identifies a type of update and triggers a sales process around it? Already consumer companies use such data, so looking at it from a enterprise B2B sales perspective.

There is loads of data available about your prospective customers. All you require is a bit of technical know-how on data processing and out of the box thinking.

Instead of focusing on technical aspects, talk will more on how to identify datasets and sales signals from them.

Talk will focus on conveying basic techniques via use of case studies.

[1] I will change the slides in next few days, current one are for some other events on similar topic, but not exactly same.


Basic understanding of sales process and concepts will be useful but not mandatory.

Speaker bio

Built a service business using above mentioned strategies for sales.

Built a product which tried to productize these strategies.

Experience in technology(more) and sales(less).

Currently building



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