The Fifth Elephant 2012

Finding the elephant in the data.

What are your users doing on your website or in your store? How do you turn the piles of data your organization generates into actionable information? Where do you get complementary data to make yours more comprehensive? What tech, and what techniques?

The Fifth Elephant is a two day conference on big data.

Early Geek tickets are available from

The proposal funnel below will enable you to submit a session and vote on proposed sessions. It is a good practice introduce yourself and share details about your work as well as the subject of your talk while proposing a session.

Each community member can vote for or against a talk. A vote from each member of the Editorial Panel is equivalent to two community votes. Both types of votes will be considered for final speaker selection.

It’s useful to keep a few guidelines in mind while submitting proposals:

  1. Describe how to use something that is available under a liberal open source license. Participants can use this without having to pay you anything.

  2. Tell a story of how you did something. If it involves commercial tools, please explain why they made sense.

  3. Buy a slot to pitch whatever commercial tool you are backing.

Speakers will get a free ticket to both days of the event. Proposers whose talks are not on the final schedule will be able to purchase tickets at the Early Geek price of Rs. 1800.

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Social Media & Text Analytics using Open Source Tools

Submitted Jul 5, 2012

Discuss how you can start analyzing Social Media Data today using Open Source Tools like RapidMiner or Open Source Languages like Python, R and PERL.


You don’t need the most expensive Text Mining Tools or even expensive software to start doing Text Analytics. This session will first cover Social Media Analytics and the range of work that can be done in analyzing Social Media Data. We will then look at a simple framework for doing text analytics and a demo of the same using Rapid Miner. We will also talk about some libraries available in R and Python to start doing Social Media Analytics and any other Text Analytics as well.


Laptop and a version of Rapid Miner and R downloaded if you want to follow along. If not, just come in with an open mind and learn what’s possible.

Speaker bio

Randhir is an Online and Social Media Analytics Professional with over 10 years of Analytics and Retail IT consulting experience. He has consulted with Retail and Technology giants such as Gap, Nordstrom, DELL, Bestbuy among others. He started his career as a Developer with Infosys and moved onto a Project Management role. He also counsels young professionals on improving their resumes at You can read more about Randhir at or

Sanjeev Mishra is the Co-Founder of Convergytics and has over 13 years of analytics experience with companies such as GECIS, TNS and Mu Sigma and has consulted with the likes of DELL and The Home Depot. His company has designed a unique end-to-end social media solution using open source tools and he will be talking about it during this lecture as well.


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All about data science and machine learning