The Fifth Elephant 2012

Finding the elephant in the data.

Kalpana Krishnaswami


Open data and the life sciences: An open world

Submitted Jul 2, 2012

An example of building real world semantic web applications for the life sciences. Challenges, perspectives and our experiences.


Introduction to the semantic web. Dealing with data deluge and disparate data in the Life Sciences. What are the industry drivers? How can this data be mined to generate new hypothesis and forge new paths to better health care? Will end with a brief description of DIstilBio and specific use cases in pharma and health care.


Internet access for a brief demo

Speaker bio

Kalpana is passionate about building robust applications in the science, technology and elearning space. Her extensive startup experience is backed by a strong technical background (co-founded Jigyasa - an NSF funded eLearning, Instantiations Inc. - now acquired by Google). Kalpana has over two decades of experience in developing, managing and bringing new products to the market. She has worked in places like UNC, Chapel Hill, North Carolina Supercomputing Center, GE, CambridgeSoft. Kalpana has an integrated MS from IIT, Delhi and a second MS in computational chemistry from Wright State University.

Kalpana is currently the CEO of Metaome which she co-founded, where she helped envision the creation of DistilBio, a semantic search and discovery platform. Kalpana is an invited expert on the W3C special interest group on health care and life sciences.



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