The Fifth Elephant 2012

Finding the elephant in the data.

Gaurav Mishra


Making sense of UGC on social networks

Submitted Jun 30, 2012

Social media generates a massive amount of data and not all brands are drawing enough sense out of it. A platform which has conversations to listen to, the question is how to create an understanding from it and use the data to identify consumers and prospects.

This session aims to give an overview of how marketers see and use big data to create their digital marketing strategies and how a developer should harness available APIs to create meaningful analysis of data.


The session shall cover case studies of Indian brands using social media data to generate meaningful marketing campaigns. It would include how we as a social media agency saw this data and used it to create meaningful insights. Lastly, we would see some hands on reporting/analysis on social media datasets.


Basic understanding of REST APi’s and entry level understanding of twitter and facebook.

Speaker bio

Gaurav is a co-founder at Media Redefined, a Digital Media & Technology agency offering strategic consulting and execution of digital/ social media plans aligned to business objectives across Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, Collaboration and other verticals.

Some of the brands we have worked with include Samsung Mobiles, Samsung Televisions, Maruti, Micromax, Aircel, VLCC, NIIT University, NASSCOM, LAVA Mobile, AutoX, Vigneshwara Developers, etc.

He has played a key role in creating/managing FOSS societies like – ILUGD, GZLUG , RKGLUG and Ubuntu-in and events like, in Delhi and nearby areas.

Prior to this, Gaurav has worked on various web projects as a web developer and continues to write code off and on out of passion.


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