droidconIN 2016

The sixth edition of droidconIN

Kiran Chhabra


Wake up: don't misuse notifications but engage users

Submitted Aug 4, 2016

This talk is not for product managers on how to better strategize but infact it’s for engineers and developers on how to implement their notifications and alarms so that any strategy can be implemented.
With great power comes great responsibility…. Uncle Ben told this to Spiderman!
Notifications in mobile applications is that power. It’s a great way of engaging your user to come/return to your application. But what product managers and developers sometimes miss is that an average phone has 26 applications installed. If each one of them uses this power to its most then what will happen to the user of the phone?

Worst case will be that user’s phone will be pinging with notifications all through the day, while he is in meetings, sitting with his boss or kids. He will be tempted to check the notification but will be disappointed many a times as unimportant ones are taking his eye-time. Eventually two things are possible - either he disallows the notifications or he ignores them…maybe to view them later. Both ways the apps lose.

In this talk we will cover

  • Behavior based notifications: basis user’s response, an algorithm controls the frequency of showing a notification basis user’s trend of opening them.
  • How to control all notifications using a Job Manager (Alarm manager is being open sourced)
  • How to do all the above and in turn save user’s network and battery
  • Other usecases of Job Manager


-Statistics to show the power of notifications
-Why should you care about a single user when you have millions of downloads
-What is behavior based notification
-Classic debate between Push and Pull
-Why is a framework like Job Manager needed
-How does the Job Manager work and why we open sourced it
-How to integrate Job Manager

Speaker bio

Kiran is Vice President mobile engineering at Naukri.com. More than 14 years of industry experience.
Patent approved in US patent office. Published technical papers




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