droidconIN 2016

The sixth edition of droidconIN

Ishan Khanna


Roasting Google APIs on a Firebase to create Uberritos

Submitted Aug 10, 2016

This talk would help developers learn how to create an Uber like app within hours and zero lines of backend code leveraging the capabilities Firebase - a realtime database in the cloud as a data provider and Google Maps, Places and Directions APIs as a case study for the sample app.


The Firebase Backend - where the data is brewed.

  • What is firebase?
  • How to setup a firebase project?
  • An overview of the Firebase Android SDK.
  • In depth discussion about the new capabilities of Firebase as a Case Study sample of an Uber like app
    • Analytics - Get more insights from your app.
    • Remote Configurations - A/B Testing, bring it on.
    • Notifications - A one stop solution for GCM to all your clients.
    • Crash Reporting - Wouldn’t it be cool to see your app analytics data and crashes in the same dashboard, time to ditch Fabric ;)
    • Dynamic Deeplinks - Yes, its yelling growth now!

In the end I’d like to see everyone filled with joy knowing the fact how easy it is to pull out a project like uber with such ease.

Speaker bio

I am a passionate product enthusiast and self-taught developer who loves open source technologies, tech conferences, and hackathons.

Currently as an Android Engineer at Musoni Services (Amsterdam, Netherlands), I am helping eradicate poverty from the world one line of code at a time. I am also PMC member at Apache Fineract Project, Android Code maintainer at Mifos Initiative. I successfully graduated as a Google Summer of Code Intern in 2014 under Mifos and in 2015 under XMPP Standards Foundation and mentoring students at Google Summer of Code (2016) this year.
Previously I’ve worked at SnipClip (VP Technology), Inshorts(Android Engineer) and SeekSherpa (Product Specialist)

Previously I have been a speaker at the following places :

  • FOSSASIA in Singapore (March, 2016) on “How to write plugins for Android Studio.”
  • Mifos Tech Days in Amsterdam, Netherlands (March, 2016) on “Mobile First with Fineract.”
  • GSOC Meetup by Google Developers Group - New Delhi (March, 2016)
  • GSOC Meetup in NSIT (January, 2016)
  • Droidcon in Bangalore (December, 2015) workshop on “How to write plugins for Android Studio.”
  • Global Mifos Summit in Sharjah, U.A.E (March, 2015) on “Mifos Android Client - Architecture, and how to leverage the app to develop features for your organisation (Mifos Partners).”
  • GSOC Meetup in Delhi Technological University (January, 2015) on “How to get into Google Summer of Code”
  • GSOC Meetup in Jamia Milia Islamia and Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (2014) on “How to use open source android libraries to increase productivity while developing android apps.”

Github - https://github.com/ishan1604
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/ishankhanna



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