droidconIN 2016

The sixth edition of droidconIN

Paul Lammertsma


I’ve been doing some syncing…

Submitted Jun 11, 2016

Storing account information is a common challenge many app developers face, and is often tackled in tailored solutions. Isn’t there some strategy to store account credentials in a centralized place?

What about considerations for multiple accounts? Security concerns? And when should or could I synchronize data?

Android offers a powerful—and underrated—account manager. Let’s explore the possibilities together and lay out an architecture for engineering an Android app based on accounts.


My talk centers around the AccountManager and SyncAdapter APIs, so following an introduction, I’ll delve into writing the fundamentals to get them hooked up. I’ll illustrate various steps with both sample code and demos (or recordings) of how this reflects in an app, or inside the device’s account management.

Finally, with a working sync mechanism in place, I’ll point out how this can be extended upon to work best for offline, for instance by using transactional operations.

Speaker bio

Paul found his way into mobile technologies through mobile device interaction and his need to scratch an itch for entrepreneurship. Co-founding Pixplicity in 2011, Paul has helped grow the company into a familiar name between Dutch app builders, with brands such as De Telegraaf, Consumentenbond and Mercedes-Benz. His passion for Android has always compelled him to keep up with the latest developments and share knowledge by contributing into the open-source and chairing the GDG The Dutch Android User Group. He can frequently be seen giving tech talks & workshops at conferences across the globe.


  • Countless previous conference sessions, including Droidcon NYC, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Greece, and other conferences in Ankara, Norwich and The Netherlands
  • Pixplicity Talk series on YouTube (for instance https://youtu.be/M_tRhd5gHbY)
  • Organizing and participating in various community GDG events as part of http://dutchaug.org


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