droidconIN 2016

The sixth edition of droidconIN

Anjana Achar


From Zero to Android Game!

Submitted Aug 7, 2016

We would like to share our experience learning the ropes of Android development and putting it to use to develop an engaging memory game. We hope the talk will inspire others getting started with Android development.


We are a group of three 2nd year CS students. In this talk we will share our experience of how we got started with Android development starting from our very limited programming knowledge. We will talk about the approach we used to learn the basics of Android development. The issues we faced and the resources we used to get over those. It was essential to build a non-trivial App to cement our learning. We will talk about how we came up with the idea for the game, how we went about flushing it out. The whole experience was very satisfying and has given us the confidence to take up bigger projects.
We hope our talk will inspire others to the take the first step. It will also help people who are creating tutorials and write ups to help people getting started with Android Development. We also hope to connect with experienced Android developers and get feedback on how we can get better!

Speaker bio

Hello, I’m Anjana Achar, currently pursuing 3rd year of engineering in Information Science and Engineering department.I’m interesting in developing app and eager to learn more knowledge of developing an android application and usage of higher languages. And I happy to connect and get to know experts and new people.
After 2nd year of enginnering with basic programming knowledge we(a team of 3) developed an app.Talk will consists of way we learnt things to create an app and issues faced and resources we used to get over those. Experience after developed it was very satisfing and got a confidence to take up more challenges.The talk will inspire others to take a start.


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