droidconIN 2016

The sixth edition of droidconIN

Akhil Gupta


Android: Fix that Janky performance

Submitted Aug 10, 2016

You are testing your Awesome app out and everything is looking Great. But more you use your app you start noticing jank in the app performance. Now you wonder why so ? Is that activity or fragment taking long time to load ? Or images are being loaded slowly ? Is it slow network calls? Are other background apps causing your app to become slow ? You are sure that you did all heavy lifting stuff on non UI Threads may be AsyncTask or background threads, then why so ?

Reason can be CPU is busy doing some stuff you might are not aware of, this talk is about preventing,identifying and fixing same. Intended audience is everyone who loves buttery smooth User experience while using mobile apps.


In this talk i will talk about common mistakes we Android developers do and how it affects app performance. How we can identify such issues and prevent same. I will cover various aspect of performance with examples as below:

How Android manages Memory
  • Memory managed environment
  • GC events
  • App memory
  • Overview
  • Examples
  • Android frames per second limit
  • Debugging and fixing GPU Overdraw
Memory leaks
  • Overview
  • Examples
  • Detecting leaks
  • Prevention
  • Tools
Strict Mode
  • Overview
  • Usage examples

Speaker bio

Akhil is passionate full stack developer with Go-Jek Engineering, He loves to write, refactor code and is enthusiastic about app performance on ANDROID. He has vast experience in mobile app domain. He also answers questions on stackoverflow


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