droidconIN 2015

The fifth edition of droidconIN

Makerville Systems


Beacons, Eddystone and the Physical Web

Submitted Oct 7, 2015

Get to know about beacon technology (iBeacons, Eddystone): the history, the current state and the direction in which the tech is heading


This session will be a 45 minute talk divided into the following parts :

  • Bluetooth Low Energy : overview, capabilities and development
  • Apple and iBeacons : history, mistakes and usage
  • Google and Eddystone : A more mature platform is born
  • Deep dive into Eddystone formats : URL, UID and telemetry
  • Physical Web : Eddystone and beyond
  • Possibilities
  • Developer resources
  • Google and it’s army of APIs
  • Best practices when building for the Physical Web
  • Building your own hardware vs 3rd Party providers like Estimote

Some of the sections above would be informative whereas some would have code samples (developer resources, best practices, building hardware)



Speaker bio

Anuj is an engineer based out of Pune. He completed his Bachelors in Computer Engineering and after a brief stint at a startup in Pune, consults and develops under the banner Makerville Solutions.

His previous work includes

  • Tah, a crowdsourced, made in India, BLE development board
  • Userspace Arduino Running the Arduino environment on embedded Linux

He is presently working on creating contextual experiences using beacons.

He’s also hosted and conducted quite a few talks/workshops at his local hackerspace Doo in Pune.
You can find his 140 character rants @anujdeshpandey and his code here





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