droidconIN 2015

The fifth edition of droidconIN

Naman Dwivedi


Enhancing UI/UX using Java animations

Submitted Oct 2, 2015

Android provides various animation classes which can be used from XML or Java but for if you are looking to provide a truly unique experience to the user when using your app, you will have to divert from regular animations to create unique animations tailored with the brand and functioning of your app. This is where specific animations built purely in Java comes into play. In this talk, I will be aiming to cover all the basics that are required to create animations in Java.


I will cover the following topics in this talk:

1 . Animations using Custom views and Canvas-

a) Approach for creating custom animations.
b) Creating custom views to hold our animations.
c) Draw our animations on Canvas.
d) Adding customisation to view and animation using xml attributes and java methods.

2 . Animations using Transition Framework introduced in Kitkat-

a) Using transition framework to build basic animations between activities and fragments.
b) Creating advanced Transitions between Activities/Fragments using custom Transitions.


  1. Introduction
    What are custom views? Why use custom views?
    Overview of the Transition framework.

  2. Custom Views
    Creating custom views and drawing views on canvas.
    Adding customisation to view using xml attributes.

  3. Animating Views
    Creating desired animation effect to the views using native classes like Path and Interpolators.

  4. Transition Framework
    What are shared elements?
    Activity transition using shared elements.

  5. Demos

    Demo 1 -
    A music visualizer using custom views.

    Demo 2 -
    A demo of Google play store style transition animation using shared elements.


Laptop with Android Studio and 20+ Sdk installed. An Android device running Kitkat or above (for animations using transition framework).

Speaker bio

Persuing B.Tech from Delhi College of Engineering and currently in 2nd year. I am an enthusiastic open source Android developer. I like to work on Core and UI/UX development. I have also been contributing to CyanogenMod and AOSP in my free time recently and have won 3 Hackathons in the past year including AngelHack (Most widely organised Hackathon in world).
I am very intersted in open-source development and have a ranking of 2 in India in terms of stars on Github projects and my apps have been featured on many portals including AndroidPolice and Xda-developers.





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