droidconIN 2015

The fifth edition of droidconIN

Aman Alam


Android Development at Scale

Submitted Dec 11, 2015

Twitter has built and Android app which is used by millions of people. We have learned quite a few things throughout the way. We thus want to tell the developers about the challenges they’ll face (and how we tackle them) once their app hits a million users (for example), and when the engineering team becomes big and geographically distributed


You build your app from the ground up and suddenly a lot of people start using it.
Your quickly baked code and app structure now needs a vision and a strategy to handle scale in the user base, engineering team and the expectations of uptime of the app.
This is where this talk will help you.
The talk doesn’t have crude code, but is about some of the things that developers should keep in mind.
Things that they’ll face when their app and it’s business start becoming big.
We’ll tell about how we handled this internally in Twitter, how we evolved our practices to address scalability issues in our team and in our user base


Basic knowledge of Android or development in general.
Won’t be talking code here

Speaker bio

Aman Alam is a Developer Advocate at Twitter, based out of Bangalore, India
Aman has been an Android Developer, and started with web development on LAMP stack before becoming passionately interested in Android and mobile ecosystem


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