droidconIN 2015

The fifth edition of droidconIN

Apurv Nigam


Virtual Reality - An Introduction to Development on Google Cardboard

Submitted Dec 2, 2015

Learn how to develop a Google Cardboard Android Application


  • Introduce the audience with high level design of the Google Cardboard VR Application.
  • Providing the coding hands-on and writing the code step by step.
  • Basic creation of Activities and custom renderer without actually involving any content (3D model) initially.
  • Demonstration of using a very simple model as a 3D content for Virtual Reality Application.
  • Binding the model in activity and renderer and here is where the magic starts happening :). Audience will start experiencing VR application developed by themselves.
  • Explanation of basic concepts and mathematics involved in OpenGL ES part wherever required.
  • Tweaking or changing models in VR application if the time permits.


Intended audience for this workshop are developers having basic android development experience.


  • Android Studio 1.0 or higher
  • Version 19 of the Android SDK
  • A physical Android device running Android 16 (Jelly Bean) or higher

Speaker bio

Apurv Nigam is a Senior Developer working on several Computer Graphics and Image Processing Initiatives @ CommonFloor.com. He has developed CommonFloor Retina, the Virtual Reality Application from CommonFloor.com. He hails from Research and Development background having worked at Samsung RnD Centre and TCS Innovation Lab. His domain expertise primarily includes Computer Graphics with work experience in Smart TV Graphics Middleware and Augmented Reality, to name a few. He has published peer reviewed research papers in International conferences organised by IEEE and Springer. He completed his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering in from Madan Mohan Malaviya Engineering College(MMMEC) which is a government engineering college in U.P.

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