droidconIN 2015

The fifth edition of droidconIN

Anshul Singhle


React native and its impact on android development

Submitted Dec 14, 2015

To be able to understand how react native fits into the android app ecosystem and be able to leverage it to achieve tasks that are difficult to do in a pure-native app


Facebook recently launched react-native for Android. React-native is a library that allows developers to write native android apps in JavaScript. It uses the Javascript-Core engine to translate UI Views written in JS to native components provided by the operating system. Since it ultimately renders native UI Views, it does not come with the same performance penalties as other hybrid frameworks such as Titanium, AppCellerator etc which typically render to the DOM. In this talk, I’ll talk a bit about react-native in general and explore some of the advantages of using such a framework, which include a uniform cross-platform code-base and over-the-air updates

Speaker bio

I am a programmer by profession and by choice. After graduating from IIT Kharagpur (CSE), I co-founded Retention.ai (acquired by Inshorts), a product company that enables mobile app developers to increase user retention and decrease uninstalls using ML/AI techniques applied on top of user data. I currently work with inShorts and am working on using some of the same techniques to make an awesome product. I had previously given a talk at DroidCon 2013 on “Reverse Engineering Android Apps for fun and profit”


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