Droidcon India 2014

Droidcon India’s fourth edition

Dinesh Shetty


Strategic Mobile Application Security

Submitted Nov 4, 2014

The attendees will be given a detailed walkthrough on how to perform security testing for Android applications in a real-life environment, where they have a short deadline and need to deliver optimum reports.


The presentation focuses on problems of following bad Mobile development practice. During this session, you will learn how to perform a Strategic testing of Android applications and uncover some well-known and some other not so well known security issues. It is far easy to gain a practical knowledge of security vulnerabilities than it is to read about them. Watch as Dinesh walks you through custom created demo applications and source code review tools, to catch security flaws noted in the various hand-held devices. Expect to see a lot of demos, tools, hacking and a lot of fun.

Speaker bio

Dinesh is a Security Engineer and Trainer for Security Innovation, Boston. He is an accomplished author and speaker, and his research has been published in numerous international security zines and websites. Dinesh is a Hall of Fame member of Apple, Adobe, and Barracuda Networks for his identification and responsible disclosure of critical security vulnerabilities in their products, web sites, and web services. He has spoken and taken trainings at leading National and International conferences like Boston Security Conference, ClubHack, OWASP AsiaPac - Sydney, OWASP-Boston, National Institute of Bank Management – India, Quest Knowledge center and multiple organizations among others. Dinesh also holds a number of professional IT and security certifications.


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