Droidcon India 2014

Droidcon India’s fourth edition

Sriram Ramasubramanian


Power of ViewGroups

Submitted Oct 26, 2014

To get a deeper knowledge on ViewGroups and use it to create better performing UI.


Android provides basic ViewGroups like LinearLayout, RelativeLayout, etc. These vanilla ViewGroups are good enough for prototyping the UI. However, since they are pretty generic, they don’t perform well.
A good approach is to create custom ViewGroups that can understand the product’s UI and reduce the time taken for creating the View hierarchy.
In this crisp talk I will take a small example UI, show how it can be implemented with standard Android ViewGroups, and explain how to create custom ViewGroups to make them better performing.


Basic understanding of Views in Android.
Some experience writing custom Views is preferred.

Speaker bio

I work at Facebook on their Android app. As a UI Engineer, my job is to create re-usable UI components that can be used by product engineers. Earlier I worked at Mozilla as a front-end engineer on the Firefox for Android app. I blog at http://sriramramani.wordpress.com/ on nice UI techniques. I created the tool Droid Inspector (http://www.sriramramani.com/droidinspector) to debug UI issues in a 3D view. In my earlier life I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Masters in HCI.


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