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Submitted Oct 21, 2014

To understand iOT that is not amazon iOT or Cisco iOT. Can we call it iOP(internet of people)?

How do we develop man and machine interaction ecosystem so that some vested people cannnot use machine to exploit human beings?

I used to work for control systems product development in Johnson Controls and exploring the space fresh again after my startup pivot.

Jay Warrior is right person to talk on the objective. I heard the term iOP for first time from him.I wrote this topic as it needs to be emphasized in every developer conference focusing on iOT (atleast in earlier days)


  1. Build energy efficiient Buildings and Build energy efficient homes. There is central system that collects alls alarms and message from devices and monitors for faults and emergenices and when found reports to building operator who kicks in to handle things. There is mix of local systems and central system and the central system is to help local system. We need to have fallback mechasnism when things go unexpected way. If the light in my office is switched off in evening as part of energy optimization, can employee sitting late bring the same up.

  2. Look at wheel chair of patient. Whether patient moves his movements properly can be tracked with movement of different parts of wheel chair and the same can be collected for clinician reference. The mobile of the patient can be used to remind him to perform actions when he forgets. Here we are happy for the central system to monitor human actions?

  3. At home, you can connect your Sony DVD player to Samsung TV or your HP computer to Sony TV? The devices are compatible from hardware specifications. Where are the specifications?

  4. When you develop action on hardware, what is development cycle and how do we bring agility in the same? There is is algorithm working on hardwarw which can be complex. There is ctual hardware that works using logic. Are there open systems to support write algortithm and simulating the behavior before moving to install software in hardware and see its effetiveness.

Speaker bio

Dr. Jay Warrior, Chief Technologist, Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber Physical Systems, IISc - Bangalore jay.warrior@rbccps.org 91-9900027322, 91-80-23608894

His link is cps.iisc.ernet.in/

  • proteans.wordpress.com


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