Droidcon India 2014

Droidcon India’s fourth edition

Yashal Shakti


Beyond Looks : The runway to a perfect UI in a nutshell

Submitted Oct 20, 2014

Mobile ecosystem is fast enveloping our daily life and apps are growing in great numbers ; with multiple apps available on similar backgrounds and technologies it is now paramount to get the edge and UI is just the key to that. This crisp talk would acquaint you with design principles and the skeleton on which a perfect UI can be molded.


This talk would brief your way past through design fundamentals and the resources you would need to achive those ; including quick tips to lead the pack .

Speaker bio

I’m an enthusiastic college student who is dedicated to tech.I love understanding & learning and getting more and more people involved. Technically, currently; I design and develop apps and websites . I have a hand over Java and IDEs such as Android Studio and also Unity ,Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop,Dreamweaver, Muse, After Effects ,Cinema 4D,Maya and their requisites. I lead the college designing team and am part of the college magazine designing team and other promotional and non promotional design elements .I like photography and have also been shortlisted to top 3 for a national ad-making competition. Practically , I design things which are simple and pleasing yet leave an impact. I have a thing about perfection which ushers pleasing designs. I feel that I represent the next gen of UI and UX and will surely leave a lasting impression with ignited minds.


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