Droidcon India 2014

Droidcon India’s fourth edition

Karan Balkar


GlassIC - Google Glass based solution for Insurance claims adjusters

Submitted Oct 20, 2014

The objectives of this session are:

  1. Introduction to Wearable devices.
  2. Developing applications for Google Glass using GDK.
  3. Show GlassIC App - Google Glass based Insurance claims adjuster application


The GlassIC App developed by L&T Infotech is built on wearable technology - Google Glass. It will help claims adjusters to do their job safely and efficiently, and improve customer experience with real-time claims processing. The GlassIC App makes the Claims Adjustment processes more collaborative, efficient and diligent. GlassIC enables hassle-free use in adverse conditions and helps in audio visual capture of damage assessment, witness statements, and provides ability to scan documents.

Key highlights of app:

  1. GlassIC, using Google Maps, helps the adjuster reach the location via the best possible route.
  2. Captures images & videos that could be uploaded to the Insurance company’s claim handling system, linked with the Claim Reference.
  3. Collaborates with SME’s and Claims Handlers via sharing the images/video of the changes and make the necessary decisions.
  4. sends images to the nearest workshop and conference with an associate for expert advise.

GlassIC enables:

  1. Collaboration with senior adjusters
  2. Reduction in data entry efforts
  3. Increase in productivity by 20%
  4. Decrease in Claims turn around time by up yo 30%
  5. Superior customer experience
  6. Significant reduction in cost per verified claim

Proposal summary

  1. Problem statement
    For an insurance claims adjuster time management is one of the biggest concerns. The adjuster needs to carefully review the coverage area, take photos and videos and document the damage. Hence, there arises a need for an effective solution that enables real time claims processing.

  2. Flow of talk

    a. Introduction to Google Glass, including overall features and enhancements till date.
    b. A brief about using the GDK (including new features that have now been added).
    c. Showcase a hands on demo of GlassIC application
    d. Explain the various features of the application.
    e. Q & A

  3. Take away for audience
    a. Learn how to keep track with Google Glass s/w updates by building re-usable applications.
    b. Get a chance to wear the device and understand application flow.

Speaker bio

I am Karan Balkar, Software Engineer at L&T Infotech working in the Mobility domain for the past 2 years. Recently, I started working on wearable devices including Samsung Gear smartwatch and Google Glass.

I like working on new technologies and believe that knowledge needs to be shared for one to grow. I am always open to feedback/criticisms. Let’s come together to create some interesting Glassware! :)




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