Droidcon India 2014

Droidcon India’s fourth edition

Madhukara Phatak


Android development with Scala and Macroid

Submitted Sep 15, 2014

Building Android applications using Scala and Macroid.


If you are coding Android application you may suffered from code bloat and verbosity of the Java. You may also suffered from XML layouts which are hard to compose and maintain.

Scala is a language which compiles down to bytecode. I have been using Scala to develop the Android applications for a year now. This talk I want to share why I think it’s the better way to build the apps over traditional Java and XML approach.

In this talk I am going to talk about

  • Why Scala over Java?
  • XML and layout composibility
  • Futures and Asychrounus computing
  • Macroid - New way of buiding GUI
  • IDE setup for Scala Android development
  • Buiding a real app using Scala and Macroid

If you want to have fun again building powerful android apps come and join me in the talk.


  • Basic understanding of Scala language
  • Basic understanding Android developement
  • Lot’s of energy

Speaker bio

Madhukara phatak is a Bigdata and functional programming consultant. He has been actively working in Android and Scala from last two years.


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