Droidcon India 2014

Droidcon India’s fourth edition

Abhisek Devkota


A Cyanogen Journey

Submitted Oct 30, 2014

This presentation would be to give a first hand account of what it takes to bring a consumer mobile device to the India market - based on the CyanogenMod Project. This is for those with general interest in CyanogenMod, hobbiest who want to make changes to AOSP, or people looking forward to releasing their own Android-based hardware products.


Launching a new device in any market has its own series of challenges and milestones and launching a device in India has its own intricacies. Add in an OS based on an Open Source community platform, and the process takes on a new light of its own. This talk will discuss the journey of a device based on CyanogenMod, from conception to launch for the Indian market.

Speaker bio

Abhisek Devkota is the Senior Engineering and Community Manager for Cyanogen Inc., a the company formed by the cofounders of the largest aftermarket Operating System for Android devices - CyanogenMod.

The CyanogenMod Project is an opensource distribution that is community driven and created in collaboration with volunteers around the world, with the goal to allow users to truly own their phone through customization, functionality and enhanced security over their personal data.


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