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sanju rapheal


WooMe App Demo

Submitted Oct 17, 2013

Problems with the current Tv viewing

Non targetted and Non engaging
No interactive shows, Movie trailers or Ads
No additional and exclusive content for engaging the Audience


WooMe is a mobile app for ultimate Live TV Interaction and Engagement on your Smart phones and Tablets. WooMe App listens to the audio from TV, Youtube and online to recognize the program, Movie or Ads you are watching and brings exclusive offers and content such as Videos,Images, Vote/Poll, Trivia and Contest.

We have a patent pending audio technology which enables you to tag whatever you are watching and get exclusive offers and content relevant to the program you are watching. WooMe also enables you to interact with friends and other people watching the same programs instantly, making it a virtual living room.

Speaker bio

I am the Co-founder and Chief Operating Oficer of WooMe. I handle product devlopment,accounts of TV channels, brands and Movie studios at WooMe.

Before WooMe I worked on iMovee’s innovative concept “Telefusion” which combines Broadcast Mobile TV, Video On Demand, Social TV & Cloud DVR. I headed the mobile application development on Android and iOS platforms.
Showcased an ATSC-MH (Broadcast standard for Mobile TV) version of the product at the World’s Largest Consumer Electronics Show (Jan ’11 @ Las Vegas) and National Association of Broadcast Show (Las Vegas ’11).

I worked in the mobility division and networking division of Motorola before starting the entrepreneurial Journey.



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