Droidcon India 2013

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User Interactions : What makes users click


Hiemanshu Sharma


In this talk we will go over apps that manage to retain a lot of their users with good UI/UX and how the small things count a lot.


The objective here is to see what makes the user come back to an app, what makes the user click (see what I did there ;) ) From some of GMails best features to the way PaperBoy shows you the articles, I will cover the small details, the little things that matter that make a good app, better.

Speaker bio

A long time ROM developer, CyanogenMod contributor, former Fedora Contributor and Hacker. Having used Android for a while I started playing around with ROM building and fell in love. I love working on redesigning some of the popular apps for fun in my free time. Design, code and games, three thing I couldn’t live without.