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Amulmeet Singh


Getting the UX of your app right

Submitted Sep 30, 2013

Design is all about common sense but that is what makes it hard and fun. This session will be focused on developing a Design Cycle which will help you create amazing Android experiences and bringing more visibility to the whole process of shipping your apps to the market.


Since the objective of the session is to develop a Design Cycle which will enable you to design better here is a bundle of sweet things that i will be covering to get you there.

Simple, Usable & Delightful: What is simple, usable & delightful and how they boil down to creating amazing experiences. Understanding the fundamentals of each of these and implementing them in your Design Cycle.

WHY to HOW to WHAT: The philosophy of starting with WHY, then with HOW and ending with WHAT to come up with the right questions to ask yourself and the stakeholders before you start designing. This will bring visibility to the design cycle and help you figure out what should be the right product communication.

Diverge & Converge: How involving all the stakeholders early in the design process can help you to come up with great ideas and inculcate design thinking in the team.

Define goals: What are ultimate goals and how to use them to bring clarity to the design cycle and set the expectation right between all the stakeholders.

Workflows always win: How understanding the user’s flow to achieve the ultimate goal can help you build a workflow and break it down to simple steps. Workflows help you figure out the best navigation as well.

Building Feedback models: How to use product data and user interaction data to build feedback models which will help you figure out the right information to show on each of the steps in the workflow.

Sketch, Sketch & Sketch: How and what to sketch and why sketching is not drawing. Including your team in sketching can help you come up with really usable interaction models.

Designing for 3 states: Planning your app for 3 states of design > Regular, Blank & Error. you can read about them here http://www.usabledeck.com/articles/3-states-of-design/

Reviewing it backwards: How to make sure you have UI consistency all across the app.

Create walkthroughs: Different workflows can exist so should their walkthroughs.

Be a broken record: How to get the communication and expectations from the UX of the product right with all the stakeholders.

Validation is the best feedback: Guerrilla tactics to gather feedback from your users to improve your design.

Ending with sweet resources to help you Design better everyday.

Speaker bio

I am Amulmeet Singh Sr Product Manager - Design at redBus.in which gives me the opportunity to head the design team here. I also helped build couple of startups and ran a Design Studio in my early days. You can read about my design thinking at www.usabledeck.com


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